Need to Convert TIFF to PNG? Easily convert many types of files with WinZip

Why convert .TIFF files to .PNG files

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format - is a raster image that contains a lot of data and is generally extremely high quality. Because of this, the file size tends to be quite large, so it’s not an easy file to upload or share quickly. You’ll likely come across TIFF files in professional photography and when you scan high-quality images, but it’s not something ever used in web graphics. It’s one of the highest quality image file types available, so use it when you’re planning on printing photos at a very high quality or scaling them up to a massive size. Think billboard advertising and other huge printed photographs.

PNG - Portable Graphics Format - is a type of raster image file widely used across the internet. They are widely compatible with plenty of software applications. Unlike JPG files, PNG files have lossless data compression, which means they can be reduced in size without losing data and overall image quality. They also have the ability to read transparent backgrounds, making them great for logos and other icons that tend to be displayed over pictures. You’ll find that most online applications support PNGs, and they are commonly used for digital photographs as well as graphics.

BMP files are large raster image files you might come across when working with digital files. They’re large files because they contain a lot of data, making them high-quality images. This is great, but what if you need to upload them to a website or share a large batch for a quick review? Photos don’t always need to be the best possible quality. Convert BMP files to JPG files is a great way to reduce the size of your images and make them much more usable. Smaller files mean you can upload them quicker, share them quicker, and they won’t take up as much space.

How to convert TIFF to PNG in WinZip

  • Step 1. Open the WinZip application.
  • Step 2. On the right-hand side, turn on “Convert Photos” then click on options and select “Convert Photo Settings” to choose the format you wish to convert to.
  • Step 3. Drag and drop the photo you would like to convert. The photo is automatically converted.

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