Need to Convert PSD to JPG? Easily convert many types of files with WinZip

Why convert .PSD files to .JPG files

PSD is a file extension associated with Photoshop documents, built-in Adobe Photoshop. While PSD files can be occasionally opened in other applications, they work most successfully when opened within Adobe Photoshop itself. PSDs are layered image files that store the individual layers used to construct the image, meaning they are editable within Photoshop itself. Designers often use PSDs for designing templates, digital painting, editing digital photos, and graphic design. Although editing PSD files is restricted to Photoshop and a small amount of other software, PSDs can be exported to and saved as a wide variety of other file types.

A JPG file is a raster image file widely used across digital photography. JPG files are ideal for uploading and sharing online because of their small size and can be used and read by pretty much any program across computers and mobile devices. It’s the most widely used image compression format in the world and the default format for a lot of digital cameras and smartphone cameras. This is generally because they are very compressed without losing a huge amount of data. If you interact with any kind of digital photos, you’ll come across JPGs.

Photoshop files are powerful image editing documents that let you manipulate multiple layers, change colors, add masks, and much more. But they’re also very large documents. Some PSDs can be up to 3GB. So if you have created an image in Photoshop, or someone has sent you a PSD, but you don’t need to edit anything, then it’s worth converting it into a much smaller file type. Convert a PSD to JPG to flatten and compress the image, creating an image file that is just a few MB or even less.

How to convert PSD to JPG in WinZip

  • Step 1. Open the WinZip application.
  • Step 2. On the right-hand side, turn on “Convert Photos” then click on options and select “Convert Photo Settings” to choose the format you wish to convert to.
  • Step 3. Drag and drop the photo you would like to convert. The photo is automatically converted.

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