Need to Convert PPT to PDF? Easily convert many types of files with WinZip

Why convert .PPT files to .PDF files

Any file with the extension PPT is a slideshow file used with Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2003. Powerpoint slideshows are used widely around the workplace and classrooms and are the choice for many presentations. Although images are embedded within them and can be printed as individual pages, PPT files are designed primarily for digital use and not print. Powerpoint has been the Microsoft standard application for slideshows, although the PPT has been surpassed by the PPTX as being the file type of choice.

A PDF, or a Portable Document Format, is one of the most common types of digital files you will come across. It was created by Adobe and the advantage of this file is that it can be opened and viewed on nearly every application, including most web browsers. Editing a PDF is a little tricky, but there are a few programs around that will let you do that. PDF files often contain both images and text and are a good format to share documents with others as there is a high chance they will be able to view it, unlike DOC files. PDFs can also contain links and buttons and can be signed electronically, making them great for contracts.

Powerpoint presentations, or PPT files, are widely used in classrooms and workplaces around the world. But PPT file types work the best in Microsoft Powerpoint, which not everyone has access to. Imagine a situation where you have delivered a presentation using Powerpoint, perhaps via screen share or live stream, and you want to share the slides afterward. PDF files can be opened pretty much anywhere, on any platform, from Microsoft and Apple desktops to mobile phones and browsers. Converting the PPT to a PDF will make the file accessible for everyone who doesn’t have Microsoft Powerpoint.

How to convert PPT to PDF in WinZip

  • Step 1. Open the WinZip application.
  • Step 2. On the right-hand side, turn on “Convert to PDF” then click on options and select “PDF Conversion Settings” to choose the format you wish to convert to PDF.
  • Step 3. Drag and drop the document file you would like to convert to a PDF. The document file is automatically converted to a PDF.

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