NOVINKA! WinZip®24

Pomocí nejlepšího a nejpoužívanějšího programu pro kompresi můžete rychle a snadno komprimovat, chránit, spravovat a sdílet soubory.

  • Dekomprese všech běžných formátů souborů
  • Komprese souborů pro snížení velikosti příloh e-mailů
  • Ochrana souborů se šifrováním na úrovni bankovnictví
  • Přístup a správa souborů na počítači, v síti a cloudu
  • Připojení ke službám Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive a dalším...
OS Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista

Systémové požadavky

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer 8 nebo novější
NEW! Automate WinZip Express
Name and save your favorite WinZip Express settings and reuse them at a later time. Reuse the settings as often as you wish without having to remember which settings you previously used. WinZip Pro and Enterprise users can also schedule WinZip Express to run automatically using saved settings.
NEW! Share using Windows Charms
Extend WinZip’s sharing capabilities for Email, Social Media, and Instant Messaging to include using Windows Charms feature. (Windows built-in sharing services).
NEW! Shorten shared URLs
Don’t let text wrapping in messages break your shared file links. Using the ZipShare service, WinZip can automate the process to optionally shorten URLs to shared files before WinZip inserts the URL into an Instant Message, Social Media message, or Email message.
ENHANCED! Get a link to My Cloud File
A convenient way to share files stored in the cloud - when "Save link in the clipboard" checkbox is checked in the Save to Cloud dialog, a link to the uploaded (saved) file is placed on the Clipboard. The link can then be pasted into other apps, such as Skype or Word.
Slack Support
Now Enterprise users can enjoy WinZip's file sharing features using their Slack enterprise solution. Share files and zip files via Slack IM and choose contacts from within Slack's Contacts; streamlining workflow and eliminating unnecessary steps.
Enterprise only.
Access all your accounts
If you have work and personal accounts on the same cloud or IM services, now you can add and access all of them in WinZip. You no longer need to log in and out depending on which accounts you want to use. Add up to 16 accounts, give them unique names to distinguish them and enjoy easy access to your files for any of the many services supported by WinZip 24.
Pro and Enterprise only.
Combined Address Book
Now you can handily select recipients by name as well as email address when you email and share directly from WinZip’s internal emailer to any of your contacts with the new Combined Address Book. Add contact information from your email accounts, multiple social media services and local contact directories so you no longer need to go outside WinZip to find the address you need.
Create individual Zip files for streamlined sharing
Sometimes you want to access just one file in a large, multi-file Zip. With WinZip 24, you have the flexibility to move selected files to individual zip files with optional encryption. That means you no longer need to download an entire Zip when using your phone to access files in the cloud, you can simply download the individual zip file that you need.
Keep track of the files you share with ZipShare
Whether you share files from WinZip or ZipShare, you can now easily keep track of which files you have shared. And, you can use either ZipShare or another cloud service for storing shared files. With the Shared Files dashboard in the Files pane, you can see and manage shared files from WinZip. See a list of shared files (even files you shared on ZipShare), open and view shared files, share files again or remove shared files.
Send What feature
Share all or only the selected files you want to send with this handy feature. Once you review or change the contents of your Zip and click Send selected files, you can choose whether to send individually selected files or the entire Zip.
Share Converted files
Avoid added clutter by sharing files without having to save them first. Previously, when using WinZip’s conversion options, like converting to PDF or adding watermarks, you would need to overwrite the existing file or save the converted file, then find, share and delete it. Now, simply share your converted file by email, IM, social media or the clipboard and the temporary file is deleted after sharing.
Link sharing from the cloud
With just a click, easily share a link to files and folders in your cloud services. Share your link by email, IM, social media or the Clipboard.
WinZip Email
WinZip's built-in email feature now supports IMAP for Gmail and Outlook (Hotmail). It also supports Gmail's two-step authentication process.
Share anywhere
WinZip 24 lets you share directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also securely share to many leading cloud services and several instant message services, including Twitter IM, Office 365 groups, Google Talk/Google+ Hangouts and Jabber.
Scan and Share
Quickly turn a photo or document into a share-ready image or PDF with the new WinZip Scan and Share feature. Start your scan right from WinZip. Then WinZip can zip it and save it locally, on the network or on a cloud service. Or share it by email, social media or instant message—encrypt if you wish to protect your scanned information when sharing. Easily share photos, documents, receipts and more. New support for flatbed scanners means you can scan multiple images into a single PDF without using a document feeder.
Pro and Enterprise only.
Snap and Share
Streamline photo sharing by quickly getting photos directly from your camera to share via WinZip.
Pro and Enterprise only.
Simple sharing
SmartShare makes sharing as easy as choosing a file and a destination. Select a file from your computer, cloud service or zip, then choose to share the file via social media, IM or email—and WinZip does the rest. Sharing by Skype messages and other apps is easy with automatic links available for pasting from the Clipboard. WinZip Pro users can share an image directly from the File Viewer to social media sites with just a click.
Connect to leading cloud services
WinZip connects directly to ZipShare, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe, SugarSync and MediaFire, so you can organize all your cloud files at once. Use WinZip to zip and save large files to the cloud or retrieve files or links to share. Secure your files and save precious online storage space by zipping and encrypting them first.
Get direct access to the ZipShare file sharing service. This powerful web app makes sharing large files easy no matter where you are or what device you're using. Access your ZipShare account directly from within WinZip 24. Connect to your cloud accounts and easily share compressed files via email. Zip and share any type of file along with a message to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Send files up to 500MB free using ZipShare or move up to ZipShare Pro to send up to 5GB.
Email large files with just a click
WinZip 24 lets you email large files or folders using any of your supported cloud services. Your files are automatically uploaded to your default cloud service and a link to them is placed in your outgoing email.