NOVINKA! WinZip®24

Pomocí nejlepšího a nejpoužívanějšího programu pro kompresi můžete rychle a snadno komprimovat, chránit, spravovat a sdílet soubory.

  • Dekomprese všech běžných formátů souborů
  • Komprese souborů pro snížení velikosti příloh e-mailů
  • Ochrana souborů se šifrováním na úrovni bankovnictví
  • Přístup a správa souborů na počítači, v síti a cloudu
  • Připojení ke službám Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive a dalším...
OS Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista

Systémové požadavky

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer 8 nebo novější
NEW! Set Expiration Dates for Files and Folders
Don’t let old files clutter your storage. Now your local and network files and folders, including Zip files can be scheduled for deletion. From “Expire Files”, pick the files and folders you want to schedule, specify the number of days before expiration, and click “Schedule”. WinZip will remove them for you upon expiration. Scheduling cloud files and folders for deletion requires either WinZip Pro or Enterprise.
NEW! Option to view password entry
Prevent password typing errors. WinZip’s new “Eyeball” icon allows you to show or hide your password when typing it into the password field. You choose when to make the password entry visible.
NEW! View Date taken and Date Modified
Sort your pictures by date taken. When previewing images, you can now view them by date taken or date modified. This helps you distinguish between the date the files were copied and the date the photo was taken.
NEW! Rename multiple files at once
Don’t rename your files one-by-one. Use WinZip’s “Group Rename” to rename a group of files in a single action.
NEW! Slide to Hide Files and Action Panes
Tablet and Notebooks users, see more information in the Zip pane. With the new ability to slide the Files pane and Actions pane out of the way, more information can be displayed in the Zip pane.
ENHANCED! Schedule File and Folder Clean Up using Background Tools
Set your own schedule and execution for WinZip’s background tools. Let them work on your system when you aren’t.
ENHANCED! Manage Files with WinZip’s built-in File Management
WinZip’s File Management features are now easier to understand and more effective. Now, when you are in WinZip’s File Management, the Ribbon buttons and Actions pane buttons focus on file/folder operations.
Image Format Conversion
Quickly and easily reduce image file size and convert images from one format to another, for example, from jpg to png. Add to a Zip file or save to your desktop for multi-use.
WinZip Express copy to clipboard
WinZip Express enables you to share files in many ways, now including the clipboard! Easily place a cloud link for any file onto the clipboard where it may be pasted into other apps for sharing.
Address Book options
You can now send a message via WinZip emailer to a one-time recipient and not add it to your contacts list. There is also a new option to never add recipients that are manually entered. This is particularly useful during a job search or any repetitive activity whereby a message is sent to a receiver you will likely never communicate with a second time.
Hide Enterprise Ribbon Buttons
In the enterprise version of WinZip, buttons for disabled features will no longer be shown and therefore cannot be clicked on. No more confusion around what is and isn’t available, sparing needless cycles and erroneous admin tickets.
Enterprise only.
UI Configuration
Now Enterprise users largely interested in compression functionality may tap into the Classic interface, which hides the files and actions pane and displays only the ribbon. This can be facilitated upon initial set up and users may later change settings if they prefer to use features beyond compression.
Enterprise only.
"Move" files more easily
A new Move button alongside the Add button makes it clearer for you to either add or move files into a Zip file.
Files Pane tabs
Files Pane tabs let you open, view and manage different folders at the same time, instead of having to use multiple Windows Explorer windows. Conveniently see local, network and cloud-based folders, and just drag and drop files from one tab to another to copy them.
Folder Trees
The Folder Trees option of the Files Pane lets you see and navigate through your combined computer, network and cloud folder layout, making folder selection quick and easy.
Files Pane Swipe
Easily expand or revert the Files Pane just by swiping.
Add a Network Location
Now you can access a network location from another domain without leaving WinZip. Any network you have access to can be added to the WinZip Files Pane, even if it is not included in the list of available networks in Windows under the Network folder.
See image information in the Preview Pane
Get all the information you need about an image, right in WinZip 24. Click the new Image Information button in the Preview Pane to view a dialog that includes height, width, pixels per inch, pixel depth/colors, file size and more.
Pro and Enterprise only
Zip files from any location
Quickly find and select the files you want to zip using the handy Places list, which shows files on your PC, network, computers in your Windows HomeGroup, and all supported clouds services.
Robust file management
Save time by using the File Management ribbon to speed through many common tasks. Easily create new folders on your PC, network or cloud service. Securely delete files and folders. Copy, move, delete and multi-rename files, or easily restore them. Edit and update files, including those stored on cloud services. Map a folder or network location to a drive, copy a path or cloud link to the clipboard and much more. Quickly access your most-used file management features via the Manage File button.
Background tools
Regain space on your system and securely store or delete files with background tools that remind you about old files that can be zipped, deleted or moved to the cloud, unused files in Temp folders that can be removed and securely wiped, and files in the Recycle Bin that can be deleted, securely wiped or restored.
See thumbnail previews of a selected file whether it is in your zip, on your computer or network or on any cloud service that provides thumbnail support. Click on the expand icon in the thumbnail to see a larger image in the new Preview Pane. Preview the contents of images and documents, rotate and resize images, save an image as your computer background, and share the previewed file by email, IM or social media. Scroll through files in the Previewer with the flick of a finger on touch displays.
Pro and Enterprise only
Convert files to PDF
Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF and place them in a Zip file, or save the converted file locally or to the cloud. Easily share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with anyone. For extra protection, create a read-only PDF.
Create share-ready images
Convert high-resolution images to more convenient sharing sizes instantly when adding them to your Zip. This lets you share entire albums with ease while keeping full-quality originals on file. Reduce and enlarge images, then save them locally or to the cloud. Add watermarks to your photos if you wish.
Preview files and folders
Browse the contents of a Zip file before deciding if you need to save the contents. The advanced 'Unzip and Try' feature lets you temporarily review related components within a Zip file (such as an HTML page and its associated graphics).
Change the interface to suit your task
Easily change the WinZip interface to hide or show the features you need. WinZip 24 displays zipping features by default, but you can easily switch to the file management pane when you want to work with your files. WinZip configurable settings are now easier to find and adjust. Like the WinZip you know? Just click to use the familiar ribbon.